IQ Reseller

Features not on IQ reseller SmartCloud ERP from the VFP Platform

Features in Old VFP platform not in SQL (new platform) Notes Temp workaround.  Expected Completion


2 inventory user defined fields with edit capability. Extended description and Inventory comments Q3 2015
IQ reseller Maxlist Q3 2015
Min-max inventory pricing with comments. Used by one customer
Stated Cost Not on Roadmap
Inventory Write Down Not on RoadMap
Scan select for bulk changes Not on Roadmap
Multiple qty buildup Not on Roadmap
Setting to require condition code Not on Roadmap
Cycle counting auditing Q3 2015
Speed pricing tool Not on Roadmap

Sales Order 

Margin Grid view option None, feature not used by most users.

Purchase Order

Totals only print option to not show line item purchase pricing. Put all purchase price on one line and leave other lines at 0 until receiving. Q3 2015


multi rep margin splits two different versions of multi rep split – by ST/PT and by CV Only  used by one customer Not on roadmap

Accounting- IQ reseller

Credit Card processing Process external or use QuickBooks integration Q3 2015
Bank Reconciliation Use QuickBooks accounting
Fin de Mois – mid month terms calculations spec’d not programmed Only used in France Q3 2015

General Platform

Company Masking on all functions – SP,SO,PP,PO,Bills,Invoices Used by one customer Not on roadmap. Q3 2015
limited  viewing, updating of SQ,ST,PQ,PT, etc by sales mgrs for their group of sales reps. But still retaining the “Show all user’s”. functions by adding manager field to each user record and checking on that. Used by one customer Not on roadmap.  Not on roadmap
Mark lines to not be printed  SO, SP, PO, PP, bills, invoices Used by one customer Not on roadmap.  Not on roadmap

Client vendor

CV report combines Bills and Invoices with payment history Will be available as a custom report Q3 2015