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eStore Benefits:

  • Link inventory and master item list (non-inventory) items live to your existing e-commerce store.  Using our API and very little programming you can manage the catalogue of items which appear in your store.  Decide which items you want expanded to show substitute items as well for the parts you own.
  • Link sales orders to your existing ecommerce store.  Use our API and very little programming to have orders populate into IQ reseller for accounting, inventory allocation and invoicing purposes. 
  • Full audit trail. Your e-commerce sales orders reside in the same system as your inventory, and you are asked to allocate inventory before you can ship a sales order. You will always know what serialized part shipped where for RMA purposes. Just as important your financials and inventory will be correct as well. Since updating inventory separately between two stand alone systems will not be necessary. 
  • Ebay import link. Orders from eBay can be brought in automatically and create sales orders.  Apply inventory to them and ship.  No re-entry needed and all orders and financials are in one system. 

ChannelOnline eStore Benefit:

  • Orders flow into IQ reseller from E-commerce store and CRM solution without any re-entry.  Saving hours of re-entry time depending on your order volume per day, week, or month. Eliminates re-entry mistakes too.
  • New Item sku numbers, Manufacturer and descriptions are automatically added to IQ. Save the huge task of constantly entering new item sku numbers, manufacturer, and descriptions on the over 350,000 products that may be ordered through ChannelOnline.
  • Auto-create purchase orders for each sale. No need to re-enter items and ship to addresses.
  • Lowest cost distributor price information is retained by IQ reseller. IQ resellers auto-created purchase orders for each sale will group the lowest cost sku’s from each distributor on multiple distributor purchase orders. Negotiate and adjust line item pricing if desired.
  • New customer and contact information is brought seamlessly into IQ reseller. IQ reseller allows user to associate organization to a pre-existing IQ reseller organization in one click, or create a new organization and add all the ACT! contacts with just a few clicks.  Eliminates duplicate organizations created from spelling inconsistencies.
  • Serial numbers easily recorded before or after invoicing and appear on invoice and RMA’s. You know what serial number was shipped allowing effective decisions on warranty and returns.  Eliminates a customer returning to you another vendors product.

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