IQ Reseller

About Us

IQ reseller was originally formed in August 2001 to serve the needs of IT resellers and recyclers which sell service and maintain the global IT infrastructure. This primarily small business segment is composed of over 100,000 resellers within North America and 70,000 more in Western Europe. Typical business software solutions around the world are a poor fit for these companies.

IQ reseller offers a number of packages designed to fulfill the needs of IT resellers. The packages include integration with standard accounting software such as Quickbooks and APIs to connect to other accounting packages. IQ reseller contains critical features and technology unavailable in the other products such as net profit commission reports based on actual costs. IQ reseller provides unique features to accommodate the special needs of IT asset disposition, such as support for e-Stewards certification for e-waste.

IQ reseller drives decreased costs and increased profit for IT resellers and recyclers who sell, service, maintain and dispose of the global IT infrastructure.