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Information Technology Asset Disposition Several forces are conspiring to make the IT asset disposition business more complex:
  • Environmental regulations
  • Privacy laws
  • Liability concerns
  • Chain of custody: Track assets from pickup to disposition
  • e-Stewards Certification
  • ISO 14001 certification for environmental management systems
  • Growth of electronic recyclers, refurbishers, and processors
  • Toxic electronics with sensitive data embedded
Poor management of IT asset management can cause grave consequences:
  • Limited business growth
  • Problems due to downstream customers and sales partners
  • Excessive time and effort to get things done
  • Lower margins
  • Unpleasant legal ramifications
Existing software tools are inadequate, and won’t allow you to scale:
  • Standard off-the-shelf ERP systems do not meet the specialized needs of ITAD
  • Homemade solutions are difficult to operate and maintain
  • Excel spreadsheets are time-consuming to update
To solve those problems, IQ reseller has built a new automation platform to satisfy the unique needs of the ITAD industry.
Industry Need IQ reseller Feature
Single software solution, purpose-built for ITAD resellers
  • Chain of custody for each item from pickup to disposition
  • Meets business needs of ITAD resellers
  • No additional packages required
Robust inventory system database, with fields for every conceivable characteristic
  • Tracking of individual assets
  • Existing serial numbers or use serialization
  • Asset workflow routing, depending on configuration and condition attributes
Do more ITAD business without increasing headcount
  • Customer portal lets your customers schedule pickups online
  • Erasure integration formats configuration attributes for pricing, remarketing, and reporting
  • Custom reporting of government compliance data