Read what customers have to say about IQ reseller:

With over 22 years in telecom aftermarket sales, recycling and asset management we have seen it all. We looked for years to try and find suitable software to handle the complexities of our business. Distribution and manufacturing software from the big names of Microsoft, SAP and Sage did not fit our business and would have required a huge investment in programming development time and meant distraction from running our business just to get up and running.

We discovered IQ reseller at a BrokerBin conference and implemented it for a fraction of the cost. IQ reseller has allowed us to offer asset management programs to our customers that we were unable to offer before.

In addition the IQ reseller “Ultimate Inventory module” is the very best I have ever seen. Now we know exactly what stock we have and with more detail than ever before. We are able to track items missing from Build of Materials, the condition and configuration attributes of complete and modular parts. The net profit commission reports allow me to compensate sales reps appropriately without the need to run the lengthy reports we once used.

James Norden
Chief Operating Officer
DTC International Ltd.