Migrate to the Cloud!

Migration from IQ reseller VFP to the Cloud system has never been easier and never a better time to migrate. Most of the functionality that you are used to is still there and the layout is quite similar to the VFP platform, but we have added more features and increased usability and efficiency as well.



Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) integrated. Control user access with your network.
CRM and Task Manager function. Assign tasks to any transaction or lead.  Transparency of information. Task comments are PO comments. Attach documents to task. See video for full information and examples of use.
Buy Sell Quote history and availability hyperclick. Simply the fastest Sales, Quote and Purchase information ever will increase your profit. See video for full information and examples of use.
No Month end close process. Saves time and reports are accurate based on any time selected.
No Daily Postings Saves time and reports are accurate based on any time selected.
Bank Reconciliation allows Ledger Entries “on the fly". Add bank service fees without leaving the reconciliation.
Make Ledger entries for past or future dates without a “session change”. Saves time. Set the date of the ledger entry while entering it.  No need to 'set session date" and then set it back.
Departmental reporting.  Easy to create Departments via new Ledger Department fields and user defined fields. Use the the report writer to show profitability by department.
Tax Reconciliation with saved submission detail. Essential for VAT tax authorities. Reconcile taxes and report to government.  Inputs and Output details are saved for that report.  If you change one later you will know what changed to file amended report.
Improved filters. Expanded filter capability in Ledger, payables, invoices, and all other transaction screens. Saves time searching.  See all transactions related to any Sale, Purchase or Invoice.
Change Price on an Invoiced  items. (Booked) sale and the commission report updates along with the invoice. Saves time. No need to add an extra line for the difference in price when customers believe the price should be different.
Change price on Received PO items  that are still unsold in a summary tab.  Items are grouped by item number, condition and attributes. Saves time.  Change the price on 100 items with one entry.  The Payable record updates as well.
Reprice Received PO items sorted by attributes. Great for consignment inventory and ITAD users. Receive goods and know what you have before you buy.  Then Easily price them based on configuration attributes.  Value attributes display in grey.
Real time Commission Reports.  No Posting or Month end closing required. Reps always have the correct results of their efforts.
Consignment Revenue share split is Sale cost of goods sold. No need to run a separate "revenue share report" and adjust commission margin manually.
Multiple bank account check printing. Saves check number for each account and currency for multiple bank accounts and currencies.
Foreign currency ledger entries. Ledger entries can be entered in foreign currency or Base currency depending on Bank account you want to affect.
PO’s are presorted In-Transit | Received Tabs Cleaner sorted default workflow.
SO’s are presorted Open | Allocated | Invoiced Tabs. Clean sorted default workflow.
New BULK inventory option. Great for low value items you wont serialize and commodities you want to buy and sell by weight.  Great for power cords, boxes, GBICS, and commodities like shredded circuit boards, copper wire etc.
Integration with QuickBooks Online accounting. Take advantage of QuickBooks integrated payroll and banking features with IQ reseller sending Bills and Invoices to QuickBooks.   IQ reseller generates "true" cost of goods for QuickBooks.  Invoice "Paid in Full" data transfers to IQ reseller invoices.
No PC client to setup. Enter a couple browser settings to access application.
Report writer built in to application. Create live dashboards. Schedule and send via email or FTP outputs to eCommerce or customer portals with any frequency.  Create Banking Vendor Payment files.
Magento Integration. Ecommerce Sales orders flow into IQ reseller.  Use Magento plugins to list product on eBay and Amazon and other marketplaces. User has option to create a new CV for every order with a prefix or to bring orders in under a central CV record.
IQ reseller Mobile App. Free download from Google Play and Apple Store.  Use with any Android or Apple device.  Relocate warehouse inventory . Upload pictures of any inventory item and display in IQ reseller link actual photos of item to eBay listings.  New functions being added monthly.
Customer Portal. Customers can create Pickup orders of assets for ITAD processing. View items processed.
IQ reseller web API. Application Programming Interface (API) allows you to build your own programs or integrations with IQ reseller leveraging your data.  Integrate to CRM programs, Customer Portals, Service and Maintenance programs, Recurring Billing programs, Ecommerce, Erasure and imaging software.  Create your own Mobile App to insert and extract information from IQ reseller.
Click here for more information.
Solid Commerce Integration. Elegant easy to learn multi-channel eCommerce one inventory feed from IQ reseller can list product on eBay, Amazon, NewEgg, Walmart, Rakuten, eBayUK,  Overstock, Sears.  Use pricing formulas so one price change affects all sites the way you want. Amazon automated -repricing function based on other Amazon sold items.  Completed Sales orders flow into IQ reseller.
Save files to SO. Great for saving customer hard copy PO. And other important docs.
PO import. Import Purchase Orders with items and price, serial number, condition, location and 8 other fields.
PO scan serial validation. Scan serials rapid fire in the receive screen to validate PO items imported were actually received.
Re-pricing items after receiving. Receive items and pay for them after you know config and condition.  Items are grouped by Item number and condition.  Price 100 units with one entry. poshot












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Value Attributes help in pricing. Value attributes show at the top of the list in grey to speed re-pricing of received processed items.  Items are grouped based on the value attributes making re-pricing easy.   No need to search attributes that are important to know but down increase value.
Sale Order import and allocate. Create SO's by importing part numbers or inventory items with PO ID's from an excel spreadsheet to save time.
Scan label shortcut. Scan field is available from any view to quickly find inventory item and execute Part add/Remove, Relocate and other Changes.
Click here for demo video.
Remove and Add Parts to "Allocated" items. No need to Un-allocate configure and then re-allocate items on sales orders.
Blancco API integration. Erase Asset hard drive and your selected configuration attributes and Blancco user defined field data appear in IQ reseller.  Data is normalized and formatted ready to create eCommerce listings and reports.  IQ reseller is a Blancco reseller and can insure the whole installation is "turnkey".
Shipping validation while picking order. Scan of serial or inventory label verifies items Reserved to order are in the box.

IQ reseller Cloud Architecture Diagram

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