Top Features

IT Resellers of Mostly New Equipment

Resellers of new IT equipment face a very competitive environment.

  • Buyers have more power than ever due to Internet sales
  • Distributor pricing is ever-changing
  • Need to match supply price and availability with sourcing
Average cost accounting for inventory causes problems:
  • No visibility of margins for individual items
  • Margin-based compensation is difficult
Existing software tools are inadequate, and won’t allow you to scale:
  • Standard off-the-shelf ERP systems do not meet the specialized needs of ITAD
  • Homemade solutions are difficult to operate and maintain
  • Excel spreadsheets are time-consuming to update
To solve those problems, IQ reseller has built a new automation platform to satisfy the unique needs for sales of mostly new equipment.
Industry Need IQ reseller Feature
Single software solution, purpose-built for resellers of mostly new equipment
  • Meets business needs of resellers of new equipment
  • No additional packages required
Individualized tracking of inventory items, including cost and revenue amounts
  • Individualized item tracking allows focus on highest profit items and items to be returned on RMA
  • Ability to allocate or reserve specific items in advance of PO to lock margins
Integration with distribution price feeds
  • Channel Online integration to bring order data into software, to get distributor pricing and availability
  • See distribution cost directly at part level, to link costing information to quote, and identify lowest price distributor for later sale
Make sales personnel more productive
  • Ability to generate net profit commission reports, based on actual product costs, not average costs
  • Cross-references between equivalent products to allow reps to offer alternatives
  • Instant access to sales history for real-time pricing
  • Integration with local and remote e-commerce platforms to connect with many markets.