Read what customers have to say about IQ reseller:

I cut my administrative time 50%. I was spending 80% of my day for administration, that decreased to 40% within thirty days of implementing IQ reseller into our organization.  IQ reseller has allowed me to spend more time building my business and less on administrative work.  The net result is my business grew 20% in 2007.” 
Jordan Wolf, Owner and ASCDI Board Member, Integrity IT(Case Study)

“Our IT reseller enterprise comprises 90% factory sealed products new and from distribution, and 10% secondary market products sourced for our repair center.  The IQ reseller BrokerBin integration saves us time when sourcing parts from BrokerBin’s 10,000+ members. Although our accounting software wasn’t broken, the IQ reseller Cnet ChannelOnline integration ROI alone covered the entire software investment in a very reasonable time. We are saving an average of 80 hours equal to $1600 of administrative labor per month of order re-entry from the ChannelOnline eCommerce engine. Not to mention elimination of re-entry mistakes.” 
Dan Hogan, DSR-INC (Case Study)

“We resell Cisco, HP, and SUN IQ reseller has critical IT reseller features that our prior application, Microsoft Dynamics Solomon could not replicate even after extensive paid customizations at three times the cost of our IQ reseller application.” 
Elena Barrett, Express Computer (Case Study)

“As a Board member of the “ASCDI” Association of Service and Computer Dealers International and a former equipment re-marketer for GE finance and SUN finance I am familiar with what many large and small IT resellers are using.  I choose IQ reseller because it has critical functionality unavailable anywhere at any price without expensive customer programming, expense, delays and pain.  IQ reseller has allowed me to grow 20% in 2007.” 
 Jordan Wolfe, Integrity IT (Case Study)

“Our IT reselling business is a high volume parts business IQ reseller has been a key partner in our success. We had previously bought an application and thought we could improve it with custom programming.  Custom programming distracted us from our core business and proved costly, frustrating and in the end hurt our business. IQ reseller has delivered key functionality that helps us process orders at the lowest possible cost, while maximizing the margin on deals.  IQ reseller serialized unique item by item inventory delivers powerful capabilities not possible with other serialized inventory applications.  Our profitability has increased 45% percent annually since moving onto IQ reseller.”
Jim Polito, Pete Hawkins, PARTpoint (More…)