IQ Reseller


The IQ reseller products include IQ reseller and additional add-on modules.


Technology expands your inventory exports to include all substitutes for the parts you own. Links your inventory live to PowerSource Online, BrokerBin, increasing the quality and visibility of your listings. Live icons R on BrokerBin and  IQReseller_Head in PowerSource Online show your inventory items are linked in real time.


Schedule and process shipments with any carrier worldwide.  Optimized reseller workflow cuts order processing time 50%, increases customer service level and eliminates data re-entry, online integration with FedEx, UPS, DHL, and USPS.  Serialized barcode integration ensures that correct items and quantity is shipped.


Easy integration points with your existing eStore.  Connect your inventory and item database to your online presence. Our exclusive Maxlist technology expands your listings to include all substitutes for the parts you own.  Orders from your eStore flow into your IQ reseller enterprise system without re-entry for inventory allocation and invoicing. Have a store but no orders?  Out-of-the-box integration with BrokerBin Web Services  “Search Engine Optimized” E-Commerce solution.  Help your customers find you for the parts they need!