IQ Reseller

IQ reseller Ship

IQ reseller Global Ship: Automated Shipment Processing

IQ reseller Ship integrates outgoing orders with freight services.
  • Automate entry of airbill data.
  • Automate processing of blind shipments.
  • Generate automatic shipping notifications and invoices.
  • Dramatically reduce manual data entry.
  • Speed up shipment turnarounds with improved productivity.
Success Story

“As a Board member of the “ASCDI” Association of Service and Computer Dealers International and a former equipment re-marketer for GE finance and SUN finance I am familiar with what many large and small IT resellers are using. I choose IQ reseller because it has critical functionality unavailable anywhere at any price without expensive customer programming, expense, delays and pain. IQ reseller has allowed me to grow 20% in 2007.”

Jordan Wolfe, Integrity IT

Features and Benefits by Role

Features Benefits
Accountant Automatic invoicing. Faster conversion to receivables improves cash flow.
Real-time updates to accounting modules. On-demand view of financial state of the business.
Sales Representative Automatic sales order updates. Sales reps and customers have up-to-the-moment details about purchases.
Multiple shipments per order. Provides flexibility for customers.
Generate drop-ship purchase packets for third parties. Eliminates costly and embarrassing shipping errors.
Mark up freight cost and add to invoice automatically. Preserve margins and provide transparency to customers.
Warehouse Manager Ship-to location from order populates all downstream documents. Eliminates redundant and error-prone data entry.
Automated blind and double-blind shipment processing. Eliminate embarrassing mistakes on shipping documentation.
Every step in shipment workflow generates real-time database updates and automatic notifications. No more worries about whom to notify, and when.
Tight system integration across business functions. Provides up-to-the moment views of all business operations.