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Resellers of refurbished and used products face daily challenges:
  • Understanding PRECISELY what’s in inventory, including every significant characteristic for each item (condition, configuration, etc.).
  • Inadequate access to historical information for items (purchases, quotations and sales).
  • Transforming incoming chaos to orderly, articulated data.
Inadequate information about inventory leads to problems:
  • Frustrated customers – expectations don’t meet reality due to wrong configurations, incomplete items, parts removed.
  • Can’t sell properly when you don’t know what you have.
  • Slow access to information – SECONDS count during customer inquiries.
Tracking details about repair and refurbishing activities is difficult:
  • Improper or absent financial accounting when modifying products (adding and removing parts).
  • Tracking history of individual parts; who did what, and when.
  • Quick access to exchange part history.
Need to move faster on the sales side to remain competitive:
  • Get products into e-commerce engines faster.
  • Make sales reps more productive with better tools and data.
  • Support proper net margin commission reporting.
To solve those problems, IQ reseller built a new automation platform to satisfy the unique needs of resellers that focus primarily on used and refurbished products.
Industry Need IQ reseller Feature
Track unique characteristics of individual inventory items
  • Serialize products or use existing serial numbers.
  • Maintain condition and configuration attributes.
  • Search any field or combination of fields.
  • Visibility of configuration changes (what’s been removed, missing, or available for use elsewhere).
Capture modification and movement history of products and parts
  • Track items through entire processing cycle.
  • Financial accounting for part removals and additions.
  • Transparency for consignment sales.
Protect existing IT implementations that continue to offer good value
  • Out-of-the-box integration with existing software packages (e.g., QuickBooks, Sage950)
  • Linkages to Magento, Channel online, BrokerBin
Enable more sales and make sales personnel more productive
  • Cross-references between equivalent products allow reps to offer alternatives.
  • Instant access to quote/purchase/sales history for real-time pricing.
  • Integrations with e-commerce platforms.
  • Net profit margin accounting.