Top Features

Resellers of used telecom equipment face a volatile marketplace:
  • Volatile prices, high product risk; products are worthless unless someone wants them.
  • Must process and hold extraordinarily large inventory.
  • Dependence on Telecordia cross-references to match customer needs to stock.
  • Can’t sell effectively without immediate access to complete purchase and sales history.
The complex relationship between equipment and telecom part numbers makes selling difficult:
  • Hard to map customer requests to inventory.
  • Creating and maintaining a database of required cross-references is very burdensome.
  • Engaging multiple suppliers simultaneously to find parts – in real time – is challenging.
Existing patchwork of software tools (spreadsheets, homemade databases, custom programming) inhibit business growth:
  • Standard off-the-shelf ERP systems do not meet the specialized needs of telecom resellers.
  • Hand-crafted solutions are difficult to operate and maintain.
  • Excel spreadsheets are time-consuming to update.
IQ reseller has built a new automation platform to satisfy the unique needs of the telecom reseller industry.
Industry Need IQ reseller Feature
A way to tie CLEI and HECI part numbers to manufacturer part numbers
  • User import of Telecordia item database
  • Instant access to CLEI/HECI/manufacturer cross-references
  • Condition code and attribute fields for every item
Single software solution, purpose-built for telecom resellers
  • Integrations to wholesale and retail marketplaces
  • Complete tracking and visibility of item manipulations (e.g., adding/removing parts)
  • IT asset/recovery support, including revenue share reporting
Do more business without increasing headcount
  • Streamlined asset processing upon receipt
  • Automatic marketing of saleable items to online marketplaces (wholesale, retail, ecommerce)
Make sales personnel more productive, and enable them to sell more things.
  • Complete inventory data eliminates personal inspections
  • Instant visibility of CLEI/HECI/manufacturer part linkages
  • Rapid access to purchase and quotation history for all items
  • Connections to more sales channels
Robust reporting capabilities
  • IT asset disposal reports
  • Margin-based commissions reports
  • Custom report writer
  • Report scheduler