Read what customers have to say about IQ reseller:

As a 14 year Operations Executive of the telecommunications industry, I’ve never used a system that controls our accounting and inventory tracking systems better than IQ Reseller.

In a highly competitive bid scenario with a major fortune 500 company, we were able to show the client how IQ Reseller track projects exactly like theirs flawlessly. Our system showed both reliability and accuracy. They were impressed with how IQ reseller tracked each item serial number as an “individual.” The software even allows us to track components of other complex systems in a multi-part configuration scenario. IQ Reseller ultimately allows us to save time and time always translates to an improved bottom line.

A few features stand out in terms of what IQ Reseller does for our sales team.

  • Linking CLEI numbers to manufacturer part numbers is critical to translating customer requirements when they provide incomplete or partial information.

  • Condition Codes show our sales team exactly what we have and its immediate availability.

  • The Buy/Sell history helps us quickly gauge market price and win business profitably!

We have vendors that routinely ask us for payments that we have paid weeks or months ago. Their systems are so poorly organized that they don’t know when they’ve received payments and cashed checks. IQ reseller shows me all of the information I need to prove we’ve paid and they learn they have to make a correction in their system.

Inventory and receivables are the most valued assets in our industry. IQ Reseller allows us to manage these accurately and efficiently.

Samson Kassaye

Sity Communications, Inc.