IQ Reseller

Thank you for your interest in IQ reseller

Top Reasons to buy NOW:

  1. Ultimate Inventory
    • Alternative Part #’s
    • Multiple Condition Codes
    • Build Up, Break Down
    • Add Parts, Remove Parts
    • Bill of Materials
  2. Net Profit Commissions
    • Track all expenses and pay commission based on actual margin
    • Rep Splits between buyers and sellers
    • Vendor Splits
  3. Syncs with QuickBooks
    • QB Online Plus US
    • QB Online Plus UK
    • QB Online Plus Canada
    • QB Pro
    • QB Premium
    • QB Enterprise
  4. Easy to get started. Just a $300 set up to begin monthly subscription
    • $59/month for No Accounting
    • $79/month for Quickbooks Accounting
    • $89/month for IQ reseller Accounting
    • Additional Report Writer, API, Shipping Integration, and Data Integrations available.

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Call 952-974-5750 x26 or email info@iqreseller.com to schedule a live demo.