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The Top 3 Solutions to Data Overwhelm in the IT Reseller Business

Posted on January 24th, 2014 by Bill Blegen

Whether you’re in ITAD (IT Asset Disposition), Telecom, or selling mostly used or new IT assets, there are three major issues you can handle in your business to streamline productivity, accurately manage your inventory in realtime, and keep a bird’s eye view of all the moving parts to prevent overwhelm, confusion, and endemic slowdowns.

When you handle these three key areas of your business, you’ll see exactly what’s working and what isn’t. That data gives you the power to make quick decisions and improvements that increase your bottom line.

Let’s get into the solutions right away.

1. Your inventory is full of redundancies. Sometimes you’re selling items you don’t really have in stock. Other times, you’re not selling items because you don’t know that you do have them in stock.

The solution: realtime inventory tracking systems . Build or use an IT inventory software system that keeps detailed records in realtime from all of your vendors. The benefit? You and your employees all have the same inventory data in the same place. It updates instantly, giving you a clear picture of exactly what you have on hand at the precise moment your buyers want to make a purchase.

Using the right IT inventory software can mean the difference between smooth productivity or your IT business grinding to a halt while you chase data in multiple locations. Those hours are better spent delivering results to your clients.

2. Accounting. As you’re already painfully aware, not all of your clients or associated IT resellers have as accurate or thorough accounting as your business has. What do you do when you have tens or even hundreds of clients sending you payment requests that you’ve already paid weeks ago?

If you’re using quickbooks, sometimes you can provide them with a fast proof of payment. But other times, you have to chase down a payment based on their inaccurate information. That costs employee hours, and ultimately, that time is better spent making more sales.

The solution: Use an ERP that keeps your accounting data AND your inventory all accessible within the same system, all with accurate, up-to-the-minute reporting and a simple, easy-to-use interface. Using a robust IT inventory and accounting system, you can provide your clients with the exact records they need to see they’ve been paid. This saves you and your employees time and money, allowing you to go back to providing top-notch service, instead of cleaning up other people’s accounting messes.

3. Keep everything you need in ONE simple, but robust, system. The problem is that most IT reseller businesses have been cobbled together with multiple moving parts. Quickbooks for accounting. An excel spreadsheet for receivables. Another excel document to keep track of inventory. Multiple inventory reports for the same global inventory that only get updated manually by employees, and sometimes inaccurately.

With a quickbooks serialized inventory system, everything you need to: track inventory accurately and quickly, match up inventory with your accounting and receivables data, and provide the exact same data to everyone who needs it, all in the same location.

Of course, you can pay an IT reseller accounting and inventory expert to build all of these systems for you, and then train your employees and associates in how to use them. It’s well worth the initial time and money investment. But what if it’s already done for you?

That’s where IQreseller comes in. We offer solutions to all of these problems and more, all in one easy-to-implement system that puts all the moving parts in your IT reseller business into a simple, clean system.

Call us at 952-974-5750 to explore how our global ERP system can start helping you save money and increase productivity now.

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